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      Infineon Dap-Miniwiggler

      DAP miniWiggler
      Order Nr.: KIT_MINIWIGGLER_USB  

      The miniWiggler is Infineon’s high performance and cost-efficient debugging tool for the future. On the host side, it has an USB interface, which is available on every computer. On the device side, the communication goes over Infineon 10-pin DAP or 16-pin OCDSL1 interfaces. The miniWiggler has been designed specifically to work in combination with Infineon’s Debug Access Software (DAS).
      Summary of Features:
      Clock rate up to 30 MHz (programmable)
      All signals are 5.5V, scaling down to 1.65V
      USB 2.0 (high-speed)
      Certified drivers for Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, and 8
      USB, JTAG and DAP/SPD hotplug and unplug
      3 on-board status LED
      Support for Automotive 20-pin JTAG an 10-pin DAP connectors
      Connector for frontend extensions (e.g. for galvanic isolation) added
      Target Applications:
      Debugging, Flash Programming
      Altium/TASKING Compiler
      Infineon DAVE? Bench
      Infineon DAVE? 3
      Infineon MemTool
      Hitex HiTOP Debugger
      ARM KEIL uVision

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